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Ride Information

NEO's Guidelines for Adventure

Ride Info & Requirements: List

NEO's Trip Guidelines

All trips once booked are non-refundable

All trips are 3 days & 3 nights

All rides will be $250/vehicle. Occupants are limited by the number of seatbelts in your rig

All rides will have a 6 vehicle (truck/SUV) limit. This will help minimize impact on nature by treading lightly and when we are out "locavoring"

All vehicle communications will be from a permanent mount mobile GMRS radio with an externally mounted antenna. (handheld units (walkie talkies) are used for out of vehicle situations such as spotting or during a hike). Any unit over 5 watts will require a FCC license, FCC Information

Dogs are not allowed. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Required Equipment

Five (5) 31" or taller excellent condition AT/MT tires (this means a full-size spare (5 of the same size))

Your fully insured 4WD/AWD truck or SUV must have a minimum of 9" ground clearance and an operational 4 Low

Front and rear recovery points

Good working and properly tuned mobile GMRS (not handheld)

Securely mounted fire extinguisher

Rear facing, steady on yellow or amber dust light that is mounted up high on the rear driver's side (left) of the vehicle

Basic 1st aid kit adequate for the number of people in your truck/SUV

2019 DeLorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer

Appropriate GPS unit capable of coordinate navigation, and the knowledge to operate it

Basic extrication/recovery kit - NO CHAINS!

Basic tool kit for your vehicle

Tire repair kit and a means of inflating your tires

Recommended Equipment

Rock Sliders, to protect those rocker panels

Skid Plates, to protect your engine, transmission and transfer case

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