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2023 Northeast Overland Rides

Adventure Awaits...

My adventures cover a range of unique terrain geared toward different experience levels of travelers. No matter which one you choose, I guarantee you’ll leave having a better appreciation for everything you experience all while we Tread Lightly! All adventures are led by a Registered Maine Guide.  Get in touch to book one of your awesome adventures today!      *Please note: Dogs are not allowed on NEO trips. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

"NEO uses PayPal to process all payments. Please note which adventure you're booking and direct your payment to"

All rides, once booked, are non-refundable.


7th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride
June 16th - 19th

SOLD OUT !!   

Please contact us to get on the waiting list. 

Are you looking for a epic Overlanding trip for the whole family that can provide incredible views, light to moderate hiking into hidden waterfalls, and just the right touch of off-pavement exploration?

Then the highly sought after Wicked Waterfall Ride is the trip for you! We have new routes to explore. New waterfalls to hike to. And new campsites to pitch our tents at! We'll even do a little bit of locavoring along the way too.

The great State of Maine has over 100 waterfalls and we want to take you to see some of the best ones all while adding some fun off-road exploration in between them!
Our tour will include a few short hikes to get into some of the most amazing waterfalls. Multiple scenic overlooks will be scattered throughout the trip and we'll pass through a few attractive villages to be explored. We will be traversing in, around and over some of Western Maine's greatest landmarks.


10th Annual Fall Foliage Tour October 6th - 9th

SOLD OUT !!   

Please contact us to get on the waiting list. 

We are in our 10th year of the Northeast Overland's desirable Fall Foliage Tour! And as always, you are going to want to bring a camera!

We are hoping that you can make it to Maine and see why everyone travels from afar to view our beautiful scenery and explore our coveted dirt roads and majestic mountain tops during this perfect time of year! We will show people some of Maine's most scenic spots for sight-seeing, excellent camping, and just simply have a fun family adventure!
This epic adventure will have a little taste of everything for everyone as we will explore some new routes along with some new epic vistas with mountainous views as far as the eye can see! Each morning, we will set off for the day to explore more of the picturesque area before pitching our tents under the millions of stars at the next remote campsite. We'll do a bit of locavoring along the way as well. Your 4 wheel drive will be used in several circumstances and there are even a few area's where you could use your low range too...

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