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10 Things To Do For Overlanders At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

We are all working through this difficult situation from our homes. Hopefully, you have been able to enjoy some great moments with family and had time to evaluate your priorities. Struggle can be good for self reflection. If you need to think about something else, here is a quick list of things you can do to be sure you're ready for the next adventure, whenever the next opportunity appears.

  1. Detail your rig. It’s a perfect time to get your hands on the truck and see what’s going on inside and out.

  2. Assess your full vehicle. Take a look from front to back, bottom to top and make a list of improvements or repairs you’ll need to get out there. Shake stuff, look for leaks and rubs, test the shocks, etc.

  3. Get your fluids swapped in the garage. Why not get your hands dirty or (for some of you) finally learn how to change your own oil?

  4. Improve the wiring in your rig. Is it safe? Can it be cleaner and more organized? No better time than now.

  5. Scour maps and find your next location to explore. And then, update your device software and download the next set of maps you need for the upcoming trip.

  6. Run your winch! Has it been a while since you ran your winch? Spool it out and put it back. Maybe mark the halfway point on the line with a piece of reflective tape. Time to inspect the hardware as well. Is your recovery kit complete? Place your orders for all that stuff while we wait.

  7. Make an itemized checklist of everything in your rig and camping kit. It’s the perfect time to take stock.

  8. Study for that HAM radio license you’ve been putting off. Now is the time!

  9. Brush up on your medical skills. Order a book, or look for resources online and run some scenarios with family or friends.

  10. Is your camping kit ready? What do you need in your camp kitchen for the next run? Are your sleeping bags clean, are your knives sharp and axes honed?

Check out this Proven episode on wiring for more information!

For more education and myths on winching, you can check out this video!

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