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Very, Very Basic Recovery Kit

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Here's a relatively inexpensive list of item that you should start with for your Recovery Kit. By no means is this an exhaustive list but it's a good place to start. As you gain experience you'll find yourself tweaking, upgrading and fine tuning what works best for your adventures!

  • Snatch Strap or Kinetic Rope (not to be confused with a tow strap) - the primary difference here is that a snatch strap or kinetic rope builds up energy when stretched and effectively multiplies the pulling force to help recover a stuck vehicle

  • Properly Rated D Ring Shackles or Soft Shackles these items act as anchor points on your vehicle and connect to straps, ropes, etc. and help facilitate recovery. Where D Rings are usually made from forged steel soft shackles are made from similar synthetic rope used in winch lines and kinetic ropes

  • Sturdy Work Gloves basic leather work gloves will do the trick just fine and will help protect your hands from sudden rope burn or being pinched

The next few items are all used in conjunction with a winch, so let's start there

  • ~10K lb Winch should be enough power to help recover most truck/SUVs, smaller winches just won't have the power necessary to pull your vehicle free. I highly suggest getting a wireless winch controller and keeping that handy in the cab of your vehicle

  • Snatch or Pulley Block is similar to what you would see in sailboat rigging, it effectively multiplies the recovery capability of your winch by doubling the pulling force or it can help with changing the pulling direction of the winch by using angles. Any block you use should be rated at least 1.5x the weight of your vehicle

  • Winch Line Dampener think of the safety vest road crew wear when out working on the highway and then add weight, it's a safety device that goes over the winch line in case of failure to limit the potential of the line snapping hard in any direction

  • Tree Saver Strap is a shorter version of a tow strap (remember that a tow strap does not stretch under load) (3-4"x10') that wraps around the anchor point (typically a tree) and saves nature from any damage caused by the pulling force of the winch or weight of the vehicle

And there ya go, simple but effective recovery kit!

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